San Francisco Chapter History


In 1958, an article appeared in the Daily Pacific Builder advising women who worked in the construction industry of the existence of NAWIC, an organization that had been founded only a few years earlier in Fort Worth, Texas.   One of the members of the original Fort Worth Chapter, Irene Moats, had moved to the SF Bay Area and was interested in helping SF women start their own support structure, and founded what would be the first NAWIC chapter on the West Coast.  It was after reading the article that Marie McDonald, an elevator contractor, contacted Ms. Moats, and the two began their effort to not only enlist other women in the construction industry, but to also gain the support of the local construction employers.  Throughout the course of that year, the two established the San Francisco Chapter, began enlisting members, and in April 1959, Chapter #19 received its charter.  


As Chapter #19 grew, it became an important presence in the local construction industry.  It afforded contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects and designers the ability to meet together on common grounds – that of employers of women working in the construction industry.  Continued support by the local community beyond the traditional project and operations side of construction (including but not limited to judges, attorneys, politicians, and other association and agency officers and personnel) has helped bolster the strength of the chapter, and kept it around to remain a resource for women in the industry for over half of a century.    


The SF Chapter of NAWIC has seen many of its members develop wonderful careers within the construction industry, they have become successful officers of companies, business owners, gained professional degrees, and have taken on other leadership roles in not only the industry, but their own communities.   Overall, the San Francisco NAWIC Chapter has had a lengthy history of enriching the lives of local women by providing the necessary support structure and equipping them with the right tools to flourish in their careers.